#1 – Brief

The Top Ten Comics shop located in Strasbourg and specializing in the sale of US comics in the original version , has opened and wants to offer its customers a web service for creating a personal comic book collection. The aim of this tool is , for the user, to centralize all ” episodes” of a series he has, in order to identify quickly and easily the ” episodes” that does not have and that he can complete his collection .

Top Ten Comics want this tool to be available on mobile , leaner and more accessible, so that the user can quickly check their collections directly at the point of sale.

The project is based on using the API Comic Vine , a collaborative library room .
This project is being realized in group and evolve every day .
My job is to create the models of the mobile application.
Below are some examples.

See the online demo

#2 – Graphic Design

Shade of blue are the principal colors for this project. The grey make the contraste.


#3 – Models

Log-In Collection-Rien Wishlist-issues-scroll

#4 – Mockups